Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Embassy Submission!

We've been submitted to the US Embassy!

We received the email today and we were elated.

The only concern we have, is they misspelled one of our son's names. I've been told this is normal for them to make spelling errors and as long as the documents (birth certificates  passports, court decrees) are correct then there is nothing to be concerned about. I just like to have that clarification so we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of an email that will show the important documents.

Next, the US Embassy will conduct their own investigation of our children's orphan status (completing form I-604). Once the investigation is completed, we will be cleared for travel and able to show up at the embassy for our appointment to gather visas for the boys!

I'm super excited, but also anxiously awaiting communication from the Embassy. The email we received today stated very broad ranges of time so that people don't expect too much as far as a quick time frame. I however, am praying that we are on the very very very short end of the stated time frames.

Would you pray for all of this and for the timing? Also, pray for flights and flight availability  When I looked yesterday, flight prices had more than doubled since a month ago when we travelled.

Thank you so much for praying and for enjoying the progress with our family!

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